What to Expect

You will spend the evening in your own private bedroom in the Trousdale Sleep Center. We do not recommend having another person in the room with you during your stay, as this may cause discrepancies in the study results. There are exceptions for minors or when pre-approved medical conditions warrant constant care.

Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Shower and shampoo your hair. Dry thoroughly and avoid gels, creams and sprays.
  • Do not wear makeup or jewelry.
  • Do not use creams or lotions on your face or body.
  • Bring your sleepwear and toiletries. Men may wear gym shorts, underwear or pajamas that button up the front. Women should wear a loose-fitting nightgown or pajamas that button up the front. You may also bring your favorite pillows or blanket.
  • Please avoid alcohol or caffeine (coffee, tea, cola or chocolate) the afternoon or evening of your study.
  • Take prescribed medications as usual unless instructed by your physician. Bring any prescribed medications with you, and keep a careful record of any medication or pills that you take the day before the sleep study.
  • Avoid daytime or evening naps the day of your study.
  • Please be sure to eat your normal evening meal.