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Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive disorder of the lymphatic system which can cause areas of the body to swell. It occurs most commonly after surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Other causes include infection, obesity, and venous insufficiency. Trauma, as well as recovery from other orthopedic surgeries.

Symptoms of lymphedema include swelling of the limbs, heaviness and limitation of movement, repeated infections, skin thickening or hardening and discomfort.

Components of Complete Decongestive Therapy:

  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)-MLD is a gentle massage of both the affected body part and adjacent selected areas. MLD can move lymph fluid from the affected area into areas of the lymphatic system that are still functioning properly.
  • Compression bandaging-After MLD, the affected area is wrapped with layers of compression bandages that help prevent the re-accumulation of lymphatic fluid.
  • Therapeutic exercise- Supervised exercise programs are designed to strengthen muscles, improve circulation and function of the lymphatic system.
  • Skin and nail care-Individuals with lymphedema are at high risk for infection, especially cellulitis.
  • Compression garment fitting- After the affected body part is decongested, you will be fitted for a compression garment.
  • Personalized education in the management of lymphedema- Our certified lymphedema specialist will educate the individual on how to maintain your progress at home with instruction on self-bandaging self-massage, exercise and skin care.